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From Clement Buisson <>
Subject Re: Master/Slave works but no data is exchanged between the nodes (MySQL backend)
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2013 17:31:10 GMT
Arf, my badŠ the current configuration is:
I have 2 brokers. Broker A and Broker B with both one master A1/B1 and its
slave A2/B2

I am using masterslave:/ instead of failover:/




On 6/15/13 4:17 PM, "Christian Posta" <> wrote:

>Why is B1 connected to itself, and B2 is also connected to itself?
>Not sure what exactly the network topology is you're going for. But just
>sending messages by itself won't cause anything to be forwarded (unless
>explicitly specify static destinations). In general, to rely on the
>demand forwarding, you must have consumers on one of the brokers to
>establish the demand.
>On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 5:32 PM, Clement Buisson <
>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to setup a cluster of ActiveMQ servers (5.8). So far, I
>>have 4
>> nodes:
>> A1 which has its networkConnector set to
>> masterslave:(tcp://B1:62626,tcp://B2:62627)
>> B1: masterslave:(tcp://B1:62626,tcp://B2:62627)
>> A2: masterslave:(tcp://A1:61616,tcp://B2:61617)
>> B2: masterslave:(tcp://A1:61616,tcp://B2:61617)
>> I can see in the logs that all of these 4 servers can talk to each
>> they noticed when a Master goes down and are switching to the slave
>> automatically, which is cool.
>> But, they never exchange any data! When I send a new topic/queue to one
>> the masters, the message goes nowhere else, it sits on that host and
>> of the others nodes are aware of it. Interestingly, nothing goes to the
>> activemq database either, the ActiveMQ process creates the tables when
>> starts so the process can reach the database.
>> Not sure what to look for now. I did a bunch of Googling without
>> Anyone has any ideas?
>> Thanks,
>> Clement
>*Christian Posta*
>twitter: @christianposta

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