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From Les Hazlewood <>
Subject Re: How to detect a consumer's lost connection
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2013 18:01:21 GMT
I don't think this will address Mark's question (but Mark, please
correct if I'm wrong).

If I understand him correctly, he wants the client to know when Broker
X is no longer available, and at that time, kill its current
connection and then keep trying to automatically re-connect to Broker
X until it is back online and available.

The failover transport is primarily used to connect to a different
broker (e.g. Broker Y) in the event that the currently connected
broker fails, no?

Also, could the behavior he is seeing be due to TCP socket timeout?  I
have experienced problems with uncleanly shut-down sockets in the past
and due to TCP keepalive, the client sometimes won't know the
connection is dead for quite a while (e.g. default on Linux is I think
2 hours).  The only way to avoid this particular problem is to use a
heartbeat mechanism.  Does ActiveMQ address this concern?

I too would like to know how to auto-reconnect my consumers to the
same broker as well, and here's why:

Due to firewall issues, we have (potentially many) consumers that will
use the HTTPS transport to connect to the broker through a load
balancer.  We do failover swapping, restarts and such behind the load
balancer, so the client doesn't need to be aware of multiple transport
URLs.  They will only ever need a single HTTPS transport URL.  As
such, how do I ensure that if a consumer loses a connection to the
broker, they can continually try to auto-reconnect to the same
transport URL?



On Sun, Jun 2, 2013 at 6:50 PM, SuoNayi <> wrote:
> Just use the failover transport instead of your plain tcp transport,
> it can reconnect to the broker transparently and it will replay
> producers/consumers, the connection and pending transactions
> when reconnection is successful.
> At 2013-06-02 20:37:36,fenbers <> wrote:
>>If ActiveMQ is restarted, we find that our producers and our consumers have
>>to be shut down and relaunched in order to reestablish the connection with
>>ActiveMQ.  This is a royal pain!  However, a producer will throw an
>>exception whenever it tries to send a message through a lost connection, and
>>so I catch the exception where I can close the connection and reopen it.
>>Thus, my producers are able to reconnect automatically in the event ActiveMQ
>>is restarted.
>>But with a consumer, no exception is thrown as it waits for message
>>notifications.  It simply waits eternally for a notification that never
>>happens once a connection with ActiveMQ is lost.  So what is the recommended
>>approach for a consumer to check for a disconnection??
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