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From Christian Posta <>
Subject Re: Wire Format Negotiation Timeout -- Say what??
Date Mon, 13 May 2013 22:51:49 GMT
Nice investigation!

>     In a well-tuned system/network, I would think that sending a
>     40-character text string to ActiveMQ would be nearly instantaneous
>     from a human's perspective, right?
> Yes, it should be super fast.

>     What I learned from this is that I can reduce the occurrences of the
>     error by increasing the amount of patience (e.g., 30 seconds) my
>     client app is to have, but I fear this may also cause some "bogging
>     down" side effects since each message attempt may take up to 30
>     seconds.&nbsp; I also learned that our networking issues may be more
>     acute than I realized.
Yah, increasing the inactivity could provide helpful, but finding the root
cause of network slowdown (firewall?? overloaded routers/switches?) would
be best especially if you can control it or fix it.

>     What else I learned is that a connection is established nearly
>     instantaneously, but creating the session is the part that often
>     takes more than 20 seconds (and fails if it takes more than
>     maxInactivityDurationInitialDelay).&nbsp; So if my network is slow, why
>     would the connection occur instantaneously, but the creation of the
>     session take so long??&nbsp; It's not the sending of the text string
> that
>     is the problem, but the creation of the session...&nbsp; Is there
>     something I can control that affects how long it takes to create a
>     session?&nbsp; Intuitively, I would have thought that the most
>     time-consuming part of sending the message is the actual sending of
>     the text string, not creating the session.&nbsp; Does this point to a
> bug
>     in ActiveMQ's createSession() method??

Well, what happens when you "create a connection" but don't start it, it
will open the transport and start wire format negotiation... when you do
connection.start().. or when you try to open a session, it will ensure that
the connection is properly constructed, which is the expensive part. So
sessions by themselves are cheap enough as long as the  connection is up.

>     Thanks for the help!
>     Mark
>     On 5/13/2013 3:40 PM, ceposta [via
>       ActiveMQ] wrote:
>      You can use wireshark (or tcpdump) on the broker
>       machine to see if the
>       client's WireFormatInfo is coming through and whether the broker
>       is sending
>       one. Wireshark does have a built in activemq command codec so you
>       can see
>       the command objects going through. You can also try things like
>       ping or
>       traceroute to see if the client can get to the broker.
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