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From Ilia Stepanov <>
Subject Web Console causes Out of Memory
Date Fri, 17 May 2013 15:21:10 GMT
I am using 5.8.0 and get OutOfMemory when trying to browse a queue with
about 200 messages. In the heap dump an instance of VMPendingMessageCursor
with 18 millions (instead of two hundreds) of PendingNode elemements was
found. Debugging showed that the Queue.iterate() method is repeated in an
endless loop.
In first run it adds 200 messages to the browser. The second run should
normally add no new messages and remove the browserDispatch from the
browserDispatches. However this does not happen - the if (!node.isAcked()
 return true again and messages are added again. The third run adds
messages again and so on. Messages are added until OOM occurs.
I found it strange that method ActiveMQMessageAuditNoSync.isDuplicate()
returns false in the second iteration and checked it. It behaves strange

    public boolean isDuplicate(final MessageId id) {
        boolean answer = false;

        if (id != null) {
            ProducerId pid = id.getProducerId();
            if (pid != null) {
                BitArrayBin bab = map.get(pid);  << here the bab is null in
the second iteration. why? it should been added in the first iteration
                if (bab == null) {
                    bab = new BitArrayBin(auditDepth);
                    map.put(pid, bab);           << here new entry is added
to the map, but the size of keySet() is NOT increased!
                    modified = true;             << here  map.get(pid)
returns a coorect value in the debugger.
 << However in the next iteration it returns null again...
                answer = bab.setBit(id.getProducerSequenceId(), true);
        return answer;

Other queues of similar size are shown without problems.
Do you have any ideas what is going wrong here?

best regards,
Ilya Stepanov

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