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From Sam Roberts <>
Subject How to do server side filtering of msgs in topic queues, through STOMP?
Date Fri, 31 May 2013 19:55:38 GMT
For those familiar, this is like AMQP's topics, with a "a.b.#" at the
end of subcription pattern, or of Redis PSUBSCRIBE with "a.b.*", or
whatever. I want matching on whole words, but if it only prefix
matches are possible, I guess that's OK, I can cleanup a bit on

I'm looking to subscribe to quotes with patterns like 'a.b' match
'a.b.c' and 'a.b', but not 'a', 'a.c', or 'a.bad'.

I suspect I can use the "selector:" header, and publish with a header like:

   topickey: a.b.c

and then subscribe with

  selector: topickey LIKE 'a.b.%' OR topickey = 'a.b'

Am I going down the right path here, or is there more direct support for this?


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