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From Benjamin Jansen <>
Subject Fix for AMQ-3915 undone by fix for AMQ-4033
Date Wed, 08 May 2013 23:33:08 GMT

I have been researching how to restrict JMX to bind to a loopback address, so that it is not
accessible off the box, but is easily accessible to a different user account (our software,
which embeds ActiveMQ, is running as Local System). Based on my research, such a thing is
not directly supported by JVM configuration. So, I was pleased to discover AMQ-3915 [1] and
that it was marked fixed for the 5.7 release of ActiveMQ.

Unfortunately, when I tried setting connectorHost, it appeared to have no effect. I dug in
and discovered that a subsequent bug fix, for AMQ-4033 [2], actually undid the fix for AMQ-3915
[3]. Was this intentional?

Ben Jansen

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