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From talavera <>
Subject Re: Networked brokers dropping/suppressing messages
Date Fri, 24 May 2013 15:15:44 GMT
Did you find a solution?

I've just run into the problem too, this what I get:
2013-05-23 17:47:04,927 | DEBUG | suppressing duplicate message send
[ID:corerec2-53231-1368512827283-0:385:1:1:1] with producerSequenceId [1]
less than last stored: 9 |
| ActiveMQ Transport: tcp:///

Looking into the code [1], it seems this particular log indicates the
connection from which is received belongs to a local producer, but I've
tracked the message ID back to a different broker, which says it's bridging
the message.
The log prints a transport originating in that remote broker, anyways.

I wonder if this shouldn't be recognized as a networkProducer and then
"demultiplex" the last stored Id, instead of using a unique index for the
entire network connection (I'm using conduit subscriptions, the default

This behaviour seems to happen after a network connection is broken (a
firewall deciding it's been too long) and the originating broker restarts
I haven't found anything interesting during the connection restore phase in
Only restarting the destination broker helps after the broker starts marking
messages as duplicated.

I'll try to get a network capture of the restablishment of the network
connection, I'd like to see if there's a BrokerInfo command coming to the
destination broker, which seems to be what helps identifying a network
connection in destination.
Not sure of this one though, any hints would be helpful.

I'm running AMQ 5.7.0, using two standalone brokers A and B, with a network
connection A->B which has a failover to a third C broker, which is a slave
of A.
Broker C have been down during the tests, only the network connection uses
the failover protocol.

This is the config in broker A:


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