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From deepak_a <>
Subject Re: Query around ActiveMQ.DLQ
Date Wed, 15 May 2013 16:44:40 GMT
Hi Christian,

Correction to what I stated earlier.

In this route with "producerWindowSize" set in broker-config.xml

            <from uri="file:/opt/share/EventFileInput?move=.event-done"/>
            <setHeader headerName="messageType">
   <to uri="jms:queue:queue.incomingEvents"/>

There were messages Queued in DLQ and (memory limit has been exceeded or
very close to exceeding)

The above route was attempting to publish to Q incomingEvents.
I was assuming that consumer was 'locked/stalled' - 
but at this point in time there were no messages in incomingEvents Queue ~
so nothing for the consumer to consume really (my consumer will consume only
from incomingEvents). So don't really think Consumer was blocked (my lack of
understanding there)

I can understand why messages were not published to Q incomingEvents
(because broker's memory limit was exceeding) and we are requesting producer
to hold back (since memory limit close exceeding)
Only issue is - why were the messages still moved from
file:/opt/share/EventFileInput (shouldn't it have ideally rolled back?) -
until DLQ is cleared up?


(though the 'to uri' appeared to do nothing)

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