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From matteor <>
Subject Client Failover in a brokers network
Date Fri, 10 May 2013 15:41:24 GMT
I have the following broker topology:
NC1 e NC2 are configured with uri="multicast://" e TTL=5.
duplex=false on both NC1 and NC2.

Both brokers create a openwire transport connector with nio://
and discoveryURI="multicast://". Besides, the following
properties are set:
- update cluster clients
- rebalance cluster clients
- update cluster clients on remove

Each and every client (both consumers and producers) connect to
failover://tcp://<broker A URI>

I performed some tests and I experienced the following behavior:

	 Let us say Producer P1 and Consumer C1 connect to broker A and P2 and C2
connect to B
	 Switch off broker A through jconsole close command
	 C1 and P1 do not switch on B 
	 Restart broker A
	 Switch off B through jconsole close command
	 C2 and P2 failover to broker A (so I'm happy)
Is this the expected behavior? Why the switch over from A to B does not

Thank you very much.


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