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From deepak_a <>
Subject Query around ActiveMQ.DLQ
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2013 18:12:17 GMT

I am facing the following incident - 
Architecture setup: ActiveMQ running in JBoss; Camel used as MessageBus

1. High volume of messages are published to a Queue
2. My application consumes them and if they fail validation they are
DeQueued (goes to ActiveMQ.DLQ)
3. I can also see the messages persisted in the Database 
(Table: activemq_MSGS; container: ActiveMQ.DLQ)
4. I notice that 64MB is default Queue size
5. Once the size of messages in  ActiveMQ.DLQ crosses 64MB, I notice that my
Camel routes are frozen (unable to publish any more messages to Queues)

To replicate this I set the following in my broker-config.xml

                    <memoryUsage limit="1 kb"/>
                    <storeUsage limit="1 mb"/>
                    <tempUsage limit="1 mb"/>

and i can see the same above scenario occuring.

Does this mean  - 
(1) activeMQ expects enough free-memory-space in the DLQ before any
publisher can publish to a Queue?
(2) is the expectation that I tactically clear the DeQueued messages at
regular intervals?
(3) The 64MB size is specific for each Queue - but since ActiveMQ.DLQ is
generic/global queue that holds all rejected messages - its size should
always be < 64MB for other Queues to receive messages?

Would appreciate if some one can clarify my queries.


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