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From SledgeHammer <>
Subject Is this possible with ActiveMQ?
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2013 20:59:52 GMT
I understand the concept of a queue :)... first in, first out... I also
understand that we have 7 or so message priorities to work with. However, my
situation is where a message represents a "job". So we can have a situation
where ProducerA will submit 100,000 jobs and then ProducerB will come along
and submit 4 or 5 jobs. As its set up right now, ProducerB will have to wait
for all 100,000 ProducerA jobs to get serviced before its 5 jobs get
serviced. What my boss wants to do is to defeat the whole point of a queue
and some how make it so that ProducerB doesn't have to wait for all 100,000
messages to be done. He kind of wants a sort of round robin picking from the
producers almost. I suggested to assign every message a random priority to
get an even distribution, but he complained that 14% (assuming 7 priorities)
of 100,000 is 14k. So ProducerB would have to wait for 14k messages...

Any ideas on how to interserse messages better?

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