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From Gary Tully <>
Subject Re: Have you written a custom lease database locker?
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2013 12:29:28 GMT
Thanks for the feedback. there is room for improvement here for sure. Feel
free to open jira issues to capture your experiences and contribute updates.

The lease locker needs a jdbc connection and emerged from the jdbc store so
it needs a little more work to be fully separated. For one, the statements
should be externally configurable and the dependency on a persistence
adapter made optional. Ie: it should be possible to use it as broker lock
rather than a store lock.
I opened to track this.
The optional needs a variant
that will set the brokerService so that the ioexception handler and
identity are available. Maybe just being brokerServiceAware is sufficient.

btw: the xml schema is auto generated from the interfaces by xbean so it
shows up as an option, independent of the implementation dependencies.

On 8 March 2013 05:13, Paul Gale <> wrote:

> Hi,
> Using: ActiveMQ 5.8.0 on RHEL 6.0
> The documentation states that storage lockers are pluggable with regards to
> persistence adapters. Taking it at its word I tried to combine the
> lease-database-locker with the KahaDB persistence adapter. Fail. After
> looking at the code for the lease-database-locker it's no wonder: it's
> expecting a JDBCPersistenceAdapter as a parent.  Doh. Not that pluggable
> after all.
> So I have to come up with my own version of a lease-database-locker that
> _will_ work with the KahaDBPersistenceAdapter. Why? Per the doc: NFSv4 is
> required for failover to work reliably using KahaDB when using its default
> storage locker. I'm restricted to using NFSv3 which is not going to work
> with the default shared-file-locker. Therefore I need a hybrid approach:
> Kaha for storage and a database for locking. Sounds easy enough, all I need
> is a custom database lease locker. Or so I thought. However, after looking
> it over it doesn't appear to be quite so straightforward given the somewhat
> bazaar separation of responsibilities that exist given the actual
> implementations of the respective persistence adapters and lockers. I've
> made a few attempts at such a locker (the details of which I won't get into
> here) but none of them worked.
> Has anyone out there written a custom locker like this? If so, any guidance
> would be much appreciated.
> If no one has attempted this then I'll start getting into the specifics of
> my attempts so far and others can chime in at that point.
> Incidentally the XML schema indicates that the lease-database-locker tag is
> a legitimate child tag for kahaDB. Why is that given that they cannot work
> together out of the box?
> Thanks,
> Paul


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