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From "Robert A. Decker" <>
Subject How to use in osgi
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2013 11:32:19 GMT

I've read the page:

I'm trying to use activemq-osgi in Apache Sling, which uses Apache Felix for its osgi container.
I only want to use it to create Producers/Consumers and Publishers/Subscribers. The apachemq
server is running somewhere else.

First, I tried just using it as a dependency:

However, when I try: 
        ConnectionFactory factory = new ActiveMQConnectionFactory(brokerURL);

I get dependency errors somewhere inside activemq:
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: not found
by iarpa-messaging [115]

This is the same dependency problem I get with activemq-core. 

Out of curiosity I installed the achivemq-osgi jar into Felix and it activated successfully
but it doesn't seem to provide any osgi services.

When I user activemq-all (instead of activemq-core and activemq-osgi) I successfully send
and receive messages. However, activemq-all interferes with slf4j and so I can't see log messages.
activemq-all also messes up my exports for the bundle. 

Does anyone have experience with these issues?

Can I use activemq-osgi and include something else for the missing dependencies?

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