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From schweet <>
Subject Re: Re:Re: ActiveMQ Master/slave with MySQLCluster backend
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2013 15:08:42 GMT

Yes, I am having to use the lease DB feature. No other way round it.
                <jdbcPersistenceAdapter dataDirectory="${}"
dataSource="#mysql-ds" lockKeepAlivePeriod="5000">

I have found other problems with the version of activemq that I'm running.
5.7 has issues with Failover. For example, if you have multi master mesh
MYSQL setup, master activemq connects to 1 DB, grabs a lock, the other mq
nodes try to get a lease, they cant, they keep trying and trying with sleep
time as above. All good so far...Then I tried taking down 1 db host, MQ
master switches nicely to the 2nd DB host, I taken take down the 2nd DB host
expecting it to connect to the 3rd DB, it doesnt. Throws an exception and
leaves the JMS 61616 running, another MQ node then grabs the lease off one
of the DB's and starts 61616 thinking that its now master. Problem here is,
I have a Network LB which is being consumed by client that use the jms queue
as some clients cannot utilise the failover string, this vip obviously has
to use something for keepalive - it uses 61616 to route traffic to the
active MQ node. When the former master MQ node fails to cleanly close
61616/or become a slave after an exception (db failure), the vip is sending
traffic to the dead MQ as 61616 is still active!

Good god! Its a nightmare. Can someone help? Has 5.8 resolved this issue? I
hope? Please someone advise.


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