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From miguelhenley <>
Subject Messages lost when a broker forward messages to another broker
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2013 12:16:55 GMT
I have configurated two brokers in a Wide Area Network: Brokers A and B. All
messages sent to a queue in Broker A need to be forward to Broker B in order
to be consumed by a consumer connected in Broker B. Broker A and Broker B
are located in different geographic locations.

This works fine but, for testing purposes, I created a producer to send a
lot of messages to Broker A, let's say 1000 messages. I can see, via web
console, the messages gradually arriving in Broker B. Before all messages
arrive in Broker B, if I suddenly break the connection (let's say stopping
Broker B) and, after that, restart broker B, I can see that the forward
process continues - I mean Broker B continues to receive the messages.
Unfortunatelly, some messages are lost (3 or 4 messages, for example). I
know this beacause for each message sent to the queue by the proceducer, I
have tagged it with a sequential number and put the sequence as a property
in order to check it on the consumer side.

I repeat this task sometimes to confirm and, unfortunatelly I lost some
messages if I break a connection in broker B during the forward action.

On the Broker A side, I have the following configuration inside the XML

            <queue physicalName="MyQueue"/>

Do I have to configure anything else? I think that when the messages are
forward, a transaction mechanism (between the brokers A and B) must be in
place in order to avoid missing messages.

Any help is much appreciate to solve this problem.


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