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From mikmela <>
Subject Re: Re:Clarifcation on KahaDB support for message priority is needed
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2013 14:26:45 GMT
It's been a bit confusing... According to
<>  :
The store based cursor also handles cursors for non-persistent messages,
which are not stored in the message store. Non-persistent messages are
passed directly to the cursor, so the store based cursor embeds a file based
cursor just for these types of messages. 

This description in itself is not very clear, but what I can gather is that
in-bound non-persistent messages even though not stored in message store
still can end up some sort of temporary file store (is it not kahadb based?)
and eventually end up in broker's pending cursor (where they are sorted
according to your desription). Then they dispatched to client's pendiing
cursor where they again can be reordered if prefetch enabled and delivered
to consumer. Looks like *SimplePriorityMessageDispatchChannel* does it if
prefetch is enabled.
Again, you're saying that as long as prefetch is enabled and pending cursors
are involved message priority will be honored for both type of messages
persistent and non persistent no mater what type of message (JDBC vs KahaDB
is used)? 

Then the question is how scalable such implementation is? What if  I'd send
a 100000 non-expiring messages to the queue and then start a consumer?

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