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From mikmela <>
Subject Re: What are limitations/restrictions on destination name?
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2013 23:34:28 GMT
OK, I've testest some use cases... This list is far from being
comprehensive... Looks like only destination names containing "?" that are
accepted by JMS api, will have issues as ActiveMQ parses destination name as
URI string. Consequently, “?” is removed and everything after it is treated
as query params.                   


     	destination name 
     	ActiveMQ name

     	 Message ID:dev1467-56629-1362089194289-3:1:1:1:1 sent to queue://


     	Message ID:dev1467-56629-1362089194289-9:1:1:1:2 sent to queue://


     	Message ID:dev1467-56629-1362089194289-13:1:1:1:2 sent to queue://test


     	Message ID:dev1467-56629-1362089194289-17:1:1:1:2 sent to

Message ID:dev1467-56629-1362089194289-19:1:1:1:2 sent to

Message ID:dev1467-56629-1362089194289-25:1:1:1:3 sent to

Message ID:dev1467-56629-1362089194289-33:1:1:1:2 sent to

Message ID:dev1467-56629-1362089194289-37:1:1:1:2 sent to


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