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From stynor <>
Subject Re: Apache.NMS.WCF developers?
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2013 21:29:14 GMT
Well...  Where do I start :)

Full disclosure: I'm a java developer trying to add support for our .NET
developers.   I know just enough .NET to get myself into serious trouble.

The NMS.WCF source does not have any example or test projects - and no
documentation that I've been able to find.  The stackoverflow article I
linked to does have an App.config excerpt that I've been able to adapt to
get some semi-working code.

I've built the NMS libs from source and have used them to create a simple
one-way "fire and forget" message onto a queue via the WCF library.  So far
so good.  

When it comes to creating a service to listen to that queue and does
something with it, however, I get runtime exceptions.   At this point in

				NmsInputChannel newChannel;
				bool channelCreated = CreateOrRetrieveChannel(out newChannel);

				Tracer.Debug("Dispatching incoming message");
			>>>>>	newChannel.Dispatch(message);

I get an exception complaining that the channel is in Created state and
needs to be in Open state.  I've stepped through the
CreateOrRetrieveChannel() function and indeed - it creates a new channel,
but does not open it.   Might I be missing something in my App.config?  Is
there a test project I've not discovered that tests this code -- (i.e can I
confirm that the WCF library itself still works and that it is my client
code that is at fault?)

Once I get past these very basics, I will probably be able to articulate
more specific Request Reply questions.

    DEBUG: Dispatching incoming message
    ERROR: Error dispatching Message: System.InvalidOperationException: The
communication object, Apache.NMS.WCF.NmsInputChannel, is in the Created
state.  Communication objects cannot be used for communication unless they
are in the Opened state.
       at Apache.NMS.WCF.NmsInputQueueChannelBase`1.Dispatch(T request) in
       at Apache.NMS.WCF.NmsInputChannelListener.Dispatch(Message message)

jgomes wrote
> Hi Steve,
> I read the reply from marc_s on that Stack Overflow link you provided.
>  What is missing from his answer that you are needing?  It seems like he
> covered the solution necessary for implementing request reply, or am I
> missing something different in your requirements?
> Best,
> Jim

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