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From jeffrey <>
Subject programs failing in apr-util calls, on some machines
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2013 21:04:58 GMT
Here is stack:
#0  0x60000000c0533f60:1 in __doprnt_main+0x111 ()
   from /usr/lib/hpux32/
#1  0x60000000c035af30:0 in _doprnt+0x30 () from /usr/lib/hpux32/
#2  0x60000000c035b020:0 in sprintf+0xc0 () from /usr/lib/hpux32/
#3  0x60000000c5188e40:0 in apr_uuid_format () at crypto/uuid.c:29
#4  0x60000000d56b66c0:0 in decaf::util::UUID::toString (
    No.Identifier_27=0x20000000400ea348, this=0x200000007ecc0de0)
    at decaf/util/UUID.cpp:68
#5  0x60000000d51239f0:0 in
(this=0x20000000400ea310, properties=@0x7ecc0f30)
    at activemq/wireformat/openwire/OpenWireFormat.cpp:58
#6  0x60000000d512ea20:0 in
    this=0x2000000040019340, properties=@0x7ecc0f30)
    at activemq/wireformat/openwire/OpenWireFormatFactory.cpp:66
#7  0x60000000d4cd99f0:0 in
(No.Identifier_24=0x200000007ecc0f10, this=0x20000000400194a0, 
    at activemq/transport/AbstractTransportFactory.cpp:48
#8  0x60000000d4f3a890:0 in
(No.Identifier_35=0x200000007ecc0f80, this=0x20000000400194a0, 
    location=@0x400adb2c) at
#9  0x60000000d4590390:0 in
(this=0x20000000400a2bf0, uri=@0x400adb2c, username=@0x400adb20, 
    password=@0x400adb24, clientId=@0x400adb28)
    at activemq/core/ActiveMQConnectionFactory.cpp:282
#10 0x60000000d4585ac0:0 in
    at activemq/core/ActiveMQConnectionFactory.cpp:244
#11 0x4009890:0 in PFconsumer::run (this=0x200000004008c760) at
#12 0x60000000d55851e0:0 in decaf::lang::Thread::run
    at decaf/lang/Thread.cpp:141
#13 0x60000000d5466580:0 in runCallback (arg=0x2000000040092370)
    at decaf/internal/util/concurrent/Threading.cpp:262
#14 0x60000000d5474d50:0 in threadEntryMethod (arg=0x2000000040092370)
    at decaf/internal/util/concurrent/Threading.cpp:250
#15 0x60000000c013b6e0:0 in __pthread_bound_body+0x190 ()
   from /usr/lib/hpux32/

It shows it is failing in a call to sprintf(). and I cannot understand that. 
It is not overflowing the buffer or the stack. I don't know who if anyone is
upkeeping the apr project, so I'll just post here.  The weirdest part is, it
only happens on our test machines, all of them I have tried.  On the build
machine where I compile it, it still works.  But after putting all the
necessary libraries and other files on a test machine where I can run as
root, it causes a core dump very quickly. This did not happen with
activemqcpp 3.4.5, but does happen with 3.5.0.

Thanks for any info, I have been stuck here for a while. btw this is

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