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From jeffrey <>
Subject What is the purpose of the countdownlatch? and a crash of my receiver
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2013 19:11:29 GMT
I have a receiver class, but I never used the countdownlatch objects that are
listed in this example program. 
Im wondering what the latch actually does and how will not using it affect
my program.  Since upgrading to 3.5.0 my receiver now core dumps after the
return line at the end of my program. 

#0  0x60000000d341e6a0:1 in apr_pvsprintf () at memory/unix/apr_pools.c:1176
#1  0x60000000e2906ed0:0 in decaf::lang::Exception::buildMessage (
    format=0x60000000e1005530 "Failed to Lock OS Mutex", vargs=@0x7fffef00)
    at decaf/lang/Exception.cpp:124
#2  0x60000000e299b5b0:0 in
"decaf/internal/util/concurrent/unix/PlatformThread.cpp", lineNumber=77,
msg=0x60000000e1005530 "Failed to Lock OS Mutex")
    at decaf/lang/exceptions/RuntimeException.cpp:51
#3  0x60000000e2878160:0 in
decaf::internal::util::concurrent::PlatformThread::lockMutex (mutex=0x0)
    at decaf/internal/util/concurrent/unix/PlatformThread.cpp:76
#4  0x60000000e286a5b0:0 in
decaf::internal::util::concurrent::Threading::attachToCurrentThread () at
#5  0x60000000e2863350:0 in
decaf::internal::util::concurrent::Threading::getCurrentThreadHandle () at
#6  0x60000000e2867a40:0 in
    (thread=0x2000000040092110, mills=0, nanos=0)
    at decaf/internal/util/concurrent/Threading.cpp:1069
#7  0x60000000e2869af0:0 in
    at decaf/internal/util/concurrent/Threading.cpp:893
#8  0x60000000e2985300:0 in decaf::lang::Thread::~Thread (
    this=0x200000007fffeff0, _noname=0) at decaf/lang/Thread.cpp:130
#9  0x400bc90:0 in main () at cleanamqsms.cpp:373

It goes to delete the thread started for the listener and crashes along the
way, but this does not happen on my sender class that invokes a thread in
the exact same manor.  Im wondering if that latch has anything to do with it
and also why it only started in 3.5.0 and did not happen in 3.4.5.  I
already have this fix in my library

Thanks in advance.

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