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From Gaurav Sharma <>
Subject Re: Slow starting activemq connection
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2013 19:20:01 GMT
It could be a number of things. But first, a couple questions: 

1. how does your network look like - 2/3 level switches in the DC, flat or something else?
Where are the producers deployed relative to the broker clusters? Do you have tcp keep-alive
turned on, spl routing, firewalls, etc?

2. any reason for not using the pooled connection factory?

I would immediately write a long running producer->broker test and deploy on a couple machines
in the 'same' network going against the 'same' broker nodes, let it run continuously overnight,
capture packets via wireshark, etc and analyze the drops. Loop in your network engg. to help
sample-trace the routes during your tests.

Hope this helps or maybe you already did these analyses and didn't find anything? Let us know
either way.

On Jan 9, 2013, at 10:31, KaZso <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am facing a strange performance issue with an activemq broker (v. 5.4.0). 
> The setup is very simple:
> - 1 broker instance
> - no persistence provider
> - about 200 consumers and producers using non-persistent messages. The
> message size can be anything up to 1-2MB but is usually smaller.
> - dedicated task runner has been disabled
> - producer flow control enabled
> Most message producers open and close their connections for every message
> sent but the number of messages can vary from 5-10 per day to 20-30 every
> minute, meaning that we do have thousands of connections being opened and
> closed every day. 
> This is working well enough with delivery times of up to a few hundred
> milliseconds, but every know and then there is a "hiccup". Starting the jms
> connection slows down to tens of seconds for no apparent reason, then
> immediately picks up again. Message delivery of already established
> connections are not affected, and the slowdowns seem totally random. Number
> of threads is mostly constant, and the memory levels seem fine as well, with
> the total garbage collection time being lower than one single slowdown.
> No exceptions or warnings can be found in the logs, and the slow connections
> do eventually start. The message delivery on them is fast and not
> problematic at all.
> Could anyone help me in finding the root cause of this issue? Could the
> producer flow control delay the start of a new connection but not the flow
> of messages?
> Thank you,
> Zsombor
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