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From jeffrey <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ cpp 3.5.0 not working on HPUX 11.31
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2013 21:59:07 GMT
sorry, from my first post in the thread: it is during the shutdownLibrary
call at the end of my program that has any problem.

The program is a simple driver, it creates some number of messages and send
them all on the same queue to the same place.  It creates 1 thread to be the
producer, like so:

SimpleProducer *producer = new SimpleProducer( brokerURI, destURI,
messageType, recordInterval, instances, loops, loopTime, recordIntervalTime,
    Thread producerThread(producer);
    delete producer;

the destructor for SimpleProducer is expanded from the sample code to
include new things in my class.
This all worked just fine with 3.4.4, and 3.4.5, and it still works fine if
I take out activemq::library::ActiveMQCPP::shutdownLibrary();
at the bottom of the file.  But with it in, which im guessing is a good
idea, it crashes.
It provides no stack trace on its own, because the exception is not printed
or rethrown,  but i did get out the error number and its meaning.

I also have a simple receiver with two threads to receive two different
queues, works mostly the same way, it also now crashed on the shutdown
library call.

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