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From cdelgado <>
Subject ActiveMQ not delivering messages
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2013 09:57:51 GMT

I have an activemq 5.5 server embedded in a tomcat 6, and a scenario where
it fails to deliver messages.

The configuration is as follows: The activemq has a number of one-to-one
queues, each for a particular consumer. The producer and each consumer
normally works fine.
The messages are persistent in the kaha db and are shown in the activemq
There is just one broker.

We have an scenario where the messages are not being delivered. When a
consumer tries to get one message, the broker returns that there are no
messages in the queue and the redelivered flag of the message is set to

This is not expected, as the messages is clearly shown in the activemq

After restarting the server, one message is delivered to one consumer. When
the next consumer tries to consume another message from another queue, the
same happens, and the server needs to be restarted again to deliver the next
message, and so on.

The consumer uses transactions to get the messages, but in every other
scenario it works fine.

We haven't been able to reproduce this behaviour in another installation,
that has the following configuration:
	-Windows Vista TM Business, Service Pack 2, 32 bits
	-java 1.6.0_20
	-tomcat 6.0
Producer and broker:
	-Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, Service Pack 1, 64 bits
	-java 1.6.0_19
	-tomcat 6.0

I think the key is in the redelivered flag, which is set to true after
trying to get the message, but I don't know what can be happening.

I really need help with this, please ask if you need any other information.



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