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From "Christian Webel" <>
Subject MQTT and JMS/NMS: ActiveMQ vs. Apollo
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2012 11:56:39 GMT

I'm currently trying to add mobile clients (Android, eclipse paho client API) via the MQTT
protocol to our ActiveMQ and Apollo server. The other clients use JMS/NMS. Transport connectors
are correctly defined. 

I have experienced following problems: 

Using ActiveMQ 5.7:
Everthing seems to be OK. But when the mobile device looses connection to the server (e.g.
in area with no reception) and reconnects, I get an javax.jms.InvalidClientIDException: Broker:
localhost - Client: XXX already connected from tcp:YYY. As the client ID is used by the server
to identify a client when it reconnects, the client has to use the same identifier between
connections if durable subscriptions are used. 

Can I somehow disable this clientID check in ActiveMQ? Any idea how to solve that issue? 

Using Apollo:
Reconnect works fine, but interacting bezween JMS/NMS and mqtt clients is not possible. It
seems that there is no proper protocol conversion implemented since I receive the JMS client
data in mqtt as a large binary blob. Vice versa, I receive  nothing. From mqtt to mqtt clients,
everthing works perfect! 

Any ideas on that? 

Every little help is appreciated! 

Best regards, 

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