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From benj <>
Subject ActiveMQ slow consumer policy
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2012 17:48:40 GMT

I'm developing a finance application, and am evaluating ActiveMQ and various
other middlewares to see what works best for us.

I'm wondering if anybody can advise on the best way to setup ActiveMQ for
the following scenario. It's a pretty standard stock price distribution
system, but needs to cope with a variety of clients.

- I have one server, sending data to many clients.
- Some clients will be on the LAN. Others clients will be over a WAN with
much lower bandwidth and frequent TCP disconnections
- Clients on the LAN should receive updates as frequently as they are
- Clients on the WAN should receive updates for each topic as fast as they
can, but where the bandwidth available is not enough, they should try to
receive only the latest message on each topic, discarding any intermediate
messages which have become obsolete by the time they are ready to receive
- When a client disconnects and reconnects, it should receive the last value
on each topic, regardless of whether any new values are being sent.

At the moment I'm using <lastImageSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy/> but I can't
seem to prevent a large queue of messages building up on the server when a
client is slow to consume.

Is there another policy I can use to ensure the server only retains the last
message on each topic, and discards old messages as soon as a new one is

Thanks in advance,


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