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From Jerry Cwiklik <>
Subject Re: Broker Leak
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2012 20:32:27 GMT
Thanks, your reply seems consistent with what I am seeing in the heap dump
(see heapAnalyzer screenshot attached to the initial post). I am still
unclear how are the dead messages cleaned up (if ever). I ran a new scenario
where I had 4 SpringConsumerWithReply processes and a single
ProducerWithReply process which I start in a shell's endless for-loop. 
for i in (1 .. 1000000000)
   java -jar producer-w-consumer.jar tcp:// serviceQ 100000

I run the script and keep killing ProducerWithReply process which gets
launched again. I dont touch any of the SpringConsumerWithReply processes.
After a short while the broker OOMs.

Given the above scenario, is it expected that the broker OOMs? I know that
it OOMs due to messages destined for temp queues which no longer exist. How
should the ProducerExchange instances be cleaned up? Should the
SpringConsumerWithRep close a Session or Connection to a destination that it
thinks is no longer used? Is closing the Session enough to purge
ProducerExchange from the broker? 

-Jerry C

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