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From Tom Martinec <>
Subject Re: Activemq 5.4.2 hangs when the temp disk usage is used
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2012 21:34:22 GMT

I am sorry for my double post. I will answer to all the reactions here:

ceposta wrote
> Interesting. Your scenario sounds like PFC is blocking the connection. Not
> sure yet why that would happen. Your config looks okay. Do you still have
> the thread dumps?

No, but so far it has not been hard to reproduce this behaviour in my

ceposta wrote
> Are the producer/consumer on the same connection? If you have a test case
> you can post, please do. Would make it easy to figure what the problem is. 

I use an extended version of activemq performance test (playing with
activemq for research purposes). The producer and consumer are executed on
the same machine, but in different processes. I will attach the
configuration files for both the producer and consumer.

The broker is on a different machine.

Our group has extended the performance test in several ways, so you can see
some unusual properties in the files. But the official performance test
should ignore the unusual properties and hopefully work the same way.
Anyway, it is no problem for me to arrange a remote desktop + skype session.
You could see activemq in my environment and, perhaps, save some time with

ceposta wrote
> Actually, your config *could* cause a problem.
> If you have>100MB of messages in memory and you try to write them to temp
> storage (let's say on a Topic) then you might have problems since temp
> store is only 100MB (1/2 of what memory is). 

The only destination (queue) I use is limited to 50MB. So that seems not to
be the case.

ceposta wrote
> Not sure AMQ-4136 is related. That's for persistent messages. The only way
> for FilePendingMessageCursor to be in the mix here is if you're doing
> non-persistent messages over queues. Is that the case?

Yeah, that is my case. I am using non-persistent messages and (if I
understand it right) they are supposed to be stored in the temp storage when
the heap memory for the queue is full.


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