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From Torsten Mielke <>
Subject Re: Understanding memoryUsage (once again!)
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2012 17:47:23 GMT

See in-line response.

On Nov 16, 2012, at 6:29 PM, Juan Nin wrote:

> Hi!
> After some heavy digging about Producer Flow control and the systemUsage
> properties a couple of years ago, I thought I quite understood it.
> But yesterday I found that one of my configs was not behaving exactly as I
> expected, so started doing some tests, and I see certain behaviours which
> don't seem to match what the docs and posts that I find on the list or
> other forums say.
> "storeUsage" is perfectly clear, it's the max space that persistent
> messages can use to be stored in disk.
> "tempUsage"" applies to file cursors on non-persistent messages, so as to
> flush to disk if memory limits are reached (I don't care much about this
> one anyway, I always use persistent messages).


> Now, according to most posts, memoryUsage would be the maximum memory that
> the broker would be available to use.
> On this post:
> says that "memoryUsage corresponds to the amount of memory that's
> assigned to the in-memory store".


> For example, on my tests using the following config (only showing relevant
> parts):
> <policyEntry queue=">" producerFlowControl="false" optimizedDispatch="true">
>    <deadLetterStrategy>
>        <individualDeadLetterStrategy queuePrefix="DLQ."
> useQueueForQueueMessages="true" />
>    </deadLetterStrategy>
> </policyEntry>
> <systemUsage>
>    <systemUsage>
>        <memoryUsage>
>            <memoryUsage limit="100 mb"/>
>        </memoryUsage>
>        <storeUsage>
>            <storeUsage limit="1 gb" name="foo"/>
>        </storeUsage>
>        <tempUsage>
>            <tempUsage limit="3 gb"/>
>        </tempUsage>
>    </systemUsage>
> </systemUsage>
> With that config I would expect the broker to use 100 mb of maximum memory
> among all queues. So it could maybe use 30mb in one queue and 70mb in
> second queue.
> 1) What I'm seeing is that if I start feeding a queue without consuming it,
> the "Memory percent used" grows up to 70%, after that it doesn't grow
> anymore.
> What is it doing exactly there? The first 70% is stored in memory (apart
> from disk since it's persistent), and all the rest that continues being fed
> goes just to disk?

This behavior is correct. For queues the default cursor is store cursor. It keeps any newly
arrived msgs in memory as long as it does not reach the configured memory limit (either configured
on the queue per destination or globally in memoryUsage settings). 
Once the cursor reaches 70% of the configured limit (in your case of the memoryUsage limit
since you don't specify a per-destination limit), it will not keep any more messages in memory.

Instead it will reload these messages from the store when its time to dispatch them. The broker
anyway persists any msgs it receives before passing on to the cursor.   
This limit of 70% can be configured and raised to e..g 100%. 
This behavior is kind of an optimization. That way you run less often into producer-flow-control.

As long as the persistence store is not running full, there is no need to block producers,
since the cursor can also load the messages from the store and does not necessarily have to
keep them in memory. 
If you configure the vmQueueCursor, then the behavior is different. This cursor will not be
able to load msgs to the store but needs to keep them all in memory. The vmQueueCursor used
to be the default cursor in older version of AMQ. 

Also note that topic msgs and non-persistent queue messages are not handled by the store cursor.
These msgs are held in memory and if memory runs low, get swapped out to temp storage.

> 2) If then I start feeding a 2nd queue, "Memory percent used" continues
> growing until it reaches 140%. So it looks like memoryUsage does not apply
> globally, but on a per queue basis?

What version of AMQ do you use? The sum of the memory usage of all queues should not go any
higher than the configured memoryUsage limit. If you're not on 5.5.1 or higher releases, then
I suggest to upgrade.

> Using memoryLimit on the queue's policyEntry gives more control over this,
> but it's just a variation, "Memory percent used" can grow more than 100%
> anyway.

With the default store cursor this should not be the case from what I know. 

> 3) If #2 is true, then how would I prevent the broker from running out of
> memory in case queues would continue to be created?

Just like above comment. I would expect the brokers MemoryPercentUsage won't grow over 100%
and the destinations MemoryPercentUsage remains fairly much at 70%. 
Not sure why you would see a different behavior? Using an old version of AMQ perhaps? Or explicitly
configuring for the vmQueueCursor? 
Could you perhaps also test with 

> Maybe I'm misunderstanding and some of these settings make no sense when
> producerFlowControl is disabled?
> Thanks in advance.
> Juan


Torsten Mielke

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