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From Torsten Mielke <>
Subject Re: help: ruby listener/publisher
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2012 09:58:17 GMT
Hi Tony

> Hi 
> I seem to be gettin somewere now ive got the default brokers running now
> (activemq.xml/activemq-stomp.xml) but when i try to configure them to what i
> want they are returning error messages

> When i try and change the transport connector host/port from the default to
> what i want in activemq-stomp.xml and run the xml file i get error messages
> saying
> Address allready in use
> failed to bind to server socket
> cannot assign requested address
> transport connector couldnt be registered in JMX

Some other application seem to already use that port in question. Shut down the broker and
run netstat -an | grep <port you want the broker to use>.
A snippet from the brokers logging output with the error message would also be useful. 
But bottom line is that this port seems to be in use by some other application already.
Either quit and reconfigure that other application or assign a different free port number
to your JMS broker.

> I got all them from just changing the host and port of the activemq-stomp
> file and when i put it backk to default it works no problems

Yes, makes sense, see comment above. 


Torsten Mielke

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