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From javatestcase <>
Subject JMS Bridge - trying to copy all messages to remote server
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2012 20:41:25 GMT
Been trying to get ActiveMQ 5.7.0 running on JBossAS 5.1.0 set up to use a
JMS to JMS bridge to copy every message from a queue on the local broker to
a remote broker (both are ActiveMQ).

I've tried numerous setups, none worked yet. The primary JBoss server
processes a request, then uses a ActiveMQ client to ultimately call a
producer.send() to the queue. Currently the queues on the local and remote
server are named the same thing. I tried making them different with no
affect, but that could be an issue.

Currently, the messages are being "balanced" between the primary and the
secondary. So first message goes to the primary queue, the second goes to
the secondary queue. Clearly the bridge is functioning, but not the way I'd
want.  I'd like message one and two to both exist in the local and remote

Here is the partial setup on the primary server.

  <jmsQueueConnector outboundQueueConnectionFactory="#remoteFactory">              
      <inboundQueueBridge inboundQueueName = "importRequestQueue"
localQueueName = "importRequestQueue"/>
       <outboundQueueBridge outboundQueueName = "importRequestQueue"
localQueueName = "importRequestQueue"/>

  <queue physicalName="importRequestQueue"/>    

<transportConnector name="primary" uri="tcp://"/>

<bean id="remoteFactory"
  <property name="brokerURL" value="tcp://" />
The secondary server currently has just this. I tried adding the JMS bridge
on this side too, but it didn't seem to change the behavior.

  <queue physicalName="importRequestQueue"/>    

<transportConnector name="secondary" uri="tcp://"/>
I've seen posts that seem to indicate the bridge works as I expect. Perhaps
I am missing some additional configuration?

I've also experimented with NetworkConnector settings, and even
programatically creating a ForwardingBridge, but haven't been able to create
the desired behavior.  It seems like any of these options should work, but
I'm stuck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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