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From Tobb <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ Web Console - retry button
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2012 16:03:24 GMT

It seems that the retry-button was added by the people that set up ActiveMQ
last time. It can be achieved by tweaking the jsp's in
<amq-root>\webapps\admin. I've gone through with some tweaks to get the
retry button back.

I'll post my tweaks here, they are really quite neat if you have set up to
use one dead-letter queue for each queue, specially if you have a lot of
queues with long names.

Add a retry button to the list of messages in a queue (we use the prefix DLQ
for dead-letter queues, and DLT for dead-letter topics/consumers, you can
change it to suit your configuration..):

The tweaks for adding the retry-button are as follows:

Add a retry button in the overview of a queue: 

In <amq-root>\webapps\admin.browse.jsp, change the td-element containing the
link to delete a message to this:

Add a retry button to the overview of a message, if its in a dead-letter

In <amq-root>\webapps\admin\message.jsp:

After the tr-element holding the link to delete the message:

I've also attached the two files, browser.jsp and message.jsp, which
contains the tweak to get the retry-button, as well as some other minor
tweaks on the select-box for selecting a queue to move/copy to (whole
queue-names are showing, and they are sorted).

Here they are:

Hopefully it will come in handy for someone else as well :)


Torsten Mielke-2 wrote
> Hi Tobb,
> I have never noticed that button and don't think it can be re-enabled by
> some configuration. 
> Regards,
> Torsten Mielke

> torsten@

> On Nov 8, 2012, at 12:42 PM, Tobb wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I recently upgraded ActiveMQ from version 5.3.0 to version 5.6.0. In the
>> web
>> console of version 5.3.0 there was a button saying "Retry" for the DLQs.
>> In
>> 5.6.0, there is no such button. I would really like to get this back,
>> since
>> I have a lot of queues with long names, and the dropdown list for moving
>> a
>> message is basically useless due to this. 
>> Is there some configuration that I could do to get the retry-button back,
>> or
>> has it been completely removed?
>> -Tobb
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