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From newUser06 <>
Subject Multiple Brokers in same VM
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2012 21:03:37 GMT
I am new to activeMQ and i am trying to setup 2 instances of activeMQ in the
same VM using network of brokers using discovery. I am using spring to
configure the brokers and they are 2 webapps on the same tomcat

The following logs mentions that connection has been established. But the
messages are accumulated in broker 2 and broker 1 doesnt receive it. Broker1
is configured on port 61716 using tcp and Broker 2 is configured on 61616
using tcp. 

INFO  o.a.a.n.DiscoveryNetworkConnector: Establishing network connection
from vm://localhost?network=true to tcp://broker2:61616
INFO  o.a.a.b.TransportConnector: Connector vm://localhost Started
INFO  o.a.a.n.NetworkConnector: Network Connector
DiscoveryNetworkConnector:broker2:61616:BrokerService[broker2] Started
INFO  c.c.p.v.i.s.d.i.BrokerMgmt: Started broker connection to broker2:61616

I am not sure what is wrong. I suppose the reason could be because Discovery
Network connector is trying to use VM. Can you please let me know if there
is any other way to configure this ?


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