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From Aliquip <>
Subject Re: [MQTT] Impossible to disable InactivityMonitor !
Date Sat, 20 Oct 2012 14:47:39 GMT
After testing and comparing with mosquitto ( using
mosquitto's python client the behavior is still different (and not very
usable, sadly)

Connecting with keepalive=0 results in the _client_ disconnecting
immediately from the server (either mosquitto or activemq). So setting keep
alive to 0 in the client isn't the way to keep the connection open forever.

Connecting with keepalive=x (x > 0) results in the client keeping the
connection open sending ping's every x seconds. If no PINGRESP is received
after x seconds, the _client_ closes the connection. The mosquitto server
keeps the connection open as long as pings are exchanged. The activemq
server closes the connection after x seconds despite pings being received,
it only keeps the connection open if other messages than pings are received.

Maybe the (short term) solution is to make pings reset the countdown of the
inactivity monitor, just like normal messages reset the countdown.

I'm not really familiar with the MQTT (or activemq for that matter)
protocol, but to me the problem seems to lie in the fact that in the MQTT
protocol there is no such thing as keepalive / inactivitymonitor.
Connections are kept open forever despite inactivity (when inactivity is
defined as no messages except pingreq/pingresp). There is no way to clean
unused connections in the way inactivitymonitor tries to do. Only a raw
disconnect or a failure to ping disconnects a connection.

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