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From ndmigration <>
Subject ActiveMQ Master/Slave Pair with Network of Brokers
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2012 07:23:45 GMT

I was able to set up Network of Brokers with store and forward strategy and
working fine. I was given bigger machines now and would like to set up
Master/Slave pair within the network of brokers. I understand Masters don't
need any config changes but Slaves should indicate its corresponding master
with URI. However, I'm not very clear on what uri to specify in the client.
I'm using 5.6 release.

For example: Two machines with MasterA, SlaveB on 1 machine, and MasterB,
SlaveA on another machine. No Network connectors between Masters and Slaves
but network connectors between MasterA and MasterB. I hope that I'm right
till this point. What about client uri? I'm currently using nio protocol at
the clients like
failover:(nio:localhost1:61616,nio:localhost2:61616)?randomize=true. I
specify randomize=true to balance the load between the brokers.

Please suggest what client URI should I use? Should I include all brokers
URI or just masters URI? Can I still use nio protocol? I prefer to use
randomize=true so that load will be balanced.


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