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From boday <>
Subject Re: Persistent Store is FULL , 100% of 1073741824
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 16:33:38 GMT
as discussed on IRC...

persistent store being full is a result of reaching the
systemUsage/storeUsage limit…increase it to 10GB and that error will go
away…for now

queues are building up over time…then you will eventually run out of disk
space under any configuration.  your options are to slow down your producers
(producerFlowControl=true should help) or speed up your consumers
(concurrent consumption, horizontal scaling, etc)

increase the JVM max heap and systemUsage limits, if your consumers can be
multi-threaded, then set the maxConcurrentConsumers to a value greater than

there are dozens of other configuration options, but given the info you've
provided…that's all I can really say

Sri wrote
> Hi,
> I am new to active mq. 
> When I am doing load test after some time my client throwing exception
> saying Persistent Store is FULL , 100% of 1073741824. How can I fix this
> problem with out restarting active mq (5.4.1)  and I am persisting any of
> the messages , we are using only queues at the moment and no topics.
> purging the queues doesn't helped me. any suggestions? 
> Thanks & Regards
> Sri

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