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From Oleg Dulin <>
Subject KahaDB disk utilization
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2012 15:29:39 GMT
Dear Distinguished Colleagues:

I've been trying to understand something.

My queues take Java object messages. Serialized into bytes, each Java 
object is about 1.5K on average.

When I have a backlog of 10 million objects on one of the queues, the 
disk utilization of kahadb is around 50gigs. But this math here:

groovy:000> 1500*10000000/1024/1024/1024;
===> 1.9698386192

means that 10M objects should only take up less than 2gigs.

Even if I had 3 queues going with the same objects, the total would be 
6gigs max. So why the disk utilization overhead ? How much does a 
single JMS message need ?

Oleg Dulin
NYC Java Big Data Engineer

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