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From Oleg Dulin <>
Subject ActiveMQ disk utilization
Date Sun, 09 Sep 2012 11:45:39 GMT
Dear Distinguished Colleagues:

Here is my use case.

For the most part my consumers are able to keep up with the workload, 
but once a week or so there is a huge burst of messages (millions) that 
need to be queued up for processing. We don't want producers blocked, 
so we want all the messages get queued up as fast as they come in even 
if it takes us longer to actually process them. Here are the policy 

 <broker xmlns=""
                brokerName="localhost" dataDirectory="./activemq-data"
persistent="true" useJmx="true">
                                        <policyEntry topic=">" 
                                                        <fileCursor />
                                        <policyEntry queue=">" 
                                                        <fileQueueCursor />
directory="${activemq.base}/activemq-data/kahadb" />

What happens is that after all is done processing and queue sizes are 
down to 0 (I checked in jconsole), the activemq-data directory is still 
consuming a couple of dozen gigabytes of disk space. Isn't ActiveMQ 
supposed to clean up after itself ? I know it does because at some 
point the disk utilization grows to almost a 100 gig, but then it 
shrinks back down to 30 or so -- and stays there. Why is that ?

We are using AMQ 5.5.1, embedded broker.

Any input is greatly appreciated.


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