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From Robin Kåveland Hansen <>
Subject Warnings in broker log
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2012 14:39:50 GMT
My project has been using activemq as the central part of our
integration platform for a while now. Recently we have made a few
changes to our broker setup, hoping to improve throughput and efficiency
in the broker. We also noticed some problems on our brokers that we
thought could be related to concurrency, so we decided to go with the
nio transport and -Dorg.apache.activemq.UseDedicatedTaskRunner=false in
the hopes of reducing the amount of threads in the broker. We then put
our broker into our test environment and let it run for a few weeks.

Our current setup seems to be more stable than the one we had previously
(which pretty much left everything at the defaults), except for a few
recurring log messages. At this point I have given up trying to decipher
whether they are serious situations or just something I should
disregard, so I had hoped for some help deciding what to do with them.

We are running activemq-5.6.0. The tracebacks and our broker setup file
can be found here:

We are running a total of 4 brokers, which are in pairwise networks of
brokers, such that host1 is paired with host 9 and host 2 is paired with
host 10. Most of the consumers and producers run on host 1 or host 2 and
connect to tcp://localhost:30500.

My question is basically what these warnings mean. They did not appear
before we started using the nio transport, so we know we can make them
disappear again. We would however like to keep our current setup if this
is just aggressive logging. Does anyone know?

Kind regards,
Robin Kåveland Hansen

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