We have a configuration that does the following as mentioned in the diagram below.

1.       Consumers requests the server to create a subscription with a name and creates a topic with the same name.

2.       Server maintains the list of all valid subscriptions in a registry and in DB.

3.       JmsMulticasterTemplate implementation of JmsTemplate will send messages to all the topics that are valid.



1.       If a consumer dies without letting the server know, the server keeps sending messages to this topic even when there are no consumers.

2.       There is no way for the server to identify that this is an invalid topic and needs to stop sending messages.

3.       ActiveMQ does not respect the pendingMessageLimitStrategy, so it keeps adding data to the topic causing ActiveMQ to run out of memory.



ActiveMQ is running in its own process called Broker.

Please find the attached activeMQ configuration file.


Could you please let me know if there are some known issues in this area?