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From Gary Tully <>
Subject Re: Active MQ - timeout - any alternate option in v5.2?
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2012 13:51:38 GMT
Have a peek at the TransportListener interface. you can monitor the
state of the failover transport. Your app will need to pause if the
connection is stuck trying to reconnect, so if there is an interrupted
with no corresponding resume

Search for TransportListener in

but try and upgrade, it is always easier to find support on the latest version.

On 28 August 2012 12:44, akshay131 <> wrote:
> I am using Active MQ v5.2.0 with failover transport and Master/Slave config.
> JMS publish message works fine if either Master or Slave is up and running.
> Problem occurs when Master/Slave both are down. When my application tries to
> publish message at this time, it won't connect to MQ (since its down) as
> well as no JMSException occurs for connect failure (as failover transport is
> used). So it actually gets stuck during JMS Send and control does not
> return.
> The solution seems to be transport option - *maxReconnectAttempts,
> initialReconnectDelay, maxReconnectDelay*.  When using them I am getting
> exception, control is coming back and program is not getting stuck but when
> Active MQ is up again, my application is unable to connect back. The assumed
> reason is use of singleton for connection bean (which is must use for my
> application).
> *Timeout* option when I tried in my application using v5.6.0, it worked
> properly. Basically *timout* is the exact solution to my problem as this
> option provides a timeout at jms send option where my application is getting
> stuck.
> But the sad part is *timeout *option is not supported in v 5.2.0  and even i
> can't upgrade new version.
> Is there any alternative for timeout in v5.2.0? or any other solution for my
> problem
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