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From Torsten Mielke <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ Master / Slave Message Integrity
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2012 13:27:43 GMT
Answers in-line.

On Aug 21, 2012, at 2:48 PM, joesan wrote:

> I have a Master / Slave setup of two ActiveMQ Brokers on the same host and
> has a shared network drive for persistence. According to the ActiveMQ
> documentation, when the Master goes down the slave picks up and the clients
> can still be connected without the messages being lost. But what I
> experience is something different. When my Master went out, I manually shut
> down my Consumer while my Producer is still sending messages. These messages
> are picked up by the Slave. But later I restart my Consumer and to my
> surprise, all those messages that were sent to the Slave during Consumer
> downtime is not available once the Consumer was fired up. My question is do
> I have to use a durable subscription topic? All my topics are non durable.
> If I have to use a durable subscription topic, then can anyone please update
> the documentation in the ActiveMQ Wiki pages where clustering is explained.

If your producer sends messages to a topic and not to a queue, then the broker discards these
messages if there is no subscriber connected. You will need to use durable topic subscriptions
if you want the broker to store these messages.
Things are different with queue messages. They are kept by the broker by default when there
are no consumers connected.

Best Regards,

Torsten Mielke

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