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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: Implementing Request Response mechanism
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2012 06:31:28 GMT
If your only concern on the client side is to not pile up messages then 
why donĀ“t you simply use a topic for the reply?
Give each client his own topic on the broker by the servers. If there is 
no client listening on the topic then the message can be simply discarded.
This has the advantage that you do not need one broker per client.

Btw. for a real time application you could also check if an event 
oriented architecture may also help you. In that case the server sends 
changes to topics and clients can simply listen if they are interested.


Am 21.08.2012 02:17, schrieb zackhasit:
>>> So, that request-response recipe uses temporary destinations to route
> messages. Your use-case is that of request-throttling and load-balancing the
> 'service'.
> Not really. There is no service but a transport queue which could be IPC for
> that matter. I may not have explained it well but I have the client which
> sends the request to server and server has to respond to same client after
> processing the message but onto his remote broker. Here only difference is
> that each have their own brokers for receiving but they send to remote
> broker. I have attached a picture to make it clear. Please let me know if it
> makes sense.
> temp.PNG
> Converting the temporary queue to non temporary one is trivial I think
> (using right method really). Note that I have no requirement to use HTTP or
> have a "service" . I am trying to do what I have in Diagram with request
> response model. Just figuring out how to do it. The reason for using Active
> MQ is the features such as persistence which could be used in future.
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