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From Michael Justin <>
Subject Re: Connection msmq (bizztalk) to Activemq
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2012 10:02:52 GMT
Am 14.08.2012 11:51, m.krieken wrote:
> For a customer i need to connect a bizztalk server to activemq (5.5.1). The
> customer will be the data provider and we will be the consumer. Normally we
> would connect using jms, but this is not a option. Does anybody ever
> connected a msmq or AS2 to activemq over the internet and could help me on
> my way?
> The JMS adapter for bizztalk is not a option because the license costs are
> to high.

There are C# and C(++) client libraries for ActiveMQ.
I would evaluate the option to use one of these languages to write a 
small bridge application which accesses the MSMQ side using native or 
managed API calls, see for example

Hope this helps,
Michael Justin

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