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From pollotek <>
Subject Re: Store and Forward with embedded brokers + stand alone broker
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2012 23:28:01 GMT
Torsten, I just tried the configuration you suggested. I made my consumer
Network Connectors duplex and I still don't see any messages making it to
the consumers.

If I connect with JMX to the stand alone broker I can see under my 3 producers connected, I
can identify the IP addresses of the servers. 

Under I see my two duplex clients,
I see in the connection attributes CreatedByDuplex=true. I also see under
my consumers as subscribers.

I implemented listeners for the queue advisories on the embedded brokers.
After I place a new message on the producer side I see the size of the queue
growing on the producer embedded broker but I don't see dequeueCount or
inflightCount ever changing from 0, only size changes. On the stand alone
broker queue stats I don't see EnqueueCount, DispatchCount, InFlightCount or
QueueSize ever changing from 0 either.

I also see on the stand alone broker's log messages like this one, one per
duplex consumer:

2012-08-20 21:40:03,574 | INFO  | Started responder end of duplex bridge
connection_to_nob- | | ActiveMQ Transport:
2012-08-20 21:40:03,576 | INFO  | Network connection between vm://broker#2
and tcp:/// has been established. | |
StartLocalBridge: localBroker=vm://broker#2

Do you guys have any other ideas? Would it be handy to submit configuration
files or log files on a specific log level to help solve this issue?

It's very strange that if I test the topology you suggested to test first,
to have only embedded brokers on the producer side but the consumers
connected directly messages actually flow. But if they both have embedded
brokers messages just don't flow to the consumers.

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