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From fenbers <>
Subject ActiveMQ not always honoring Recovery Policy
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2012 15:51:45 GMT
My ActiveMQ broker instance is configured for a recovery policy to allow
messages (up to 6 minutes old) to be resent even after acknowledgement.  If
the client app is restarted, it will receive redelivered messages (if they
were brokered within the past 6 minutes).  This works great, except for one

It appears that *if* a new message is brokered during the down-time of the
client app's restart, only this new message is delivered (after the client
app is back in business), and nothing older (but < 6 mins) is redelivered. 
If there were no new messages brokered during the client's restart, then the
client app gets all the messages of the past 6 minutes, i.e., it works fine!

The behavior I desire is that once my client is back up, all messages within
the last 6 minutes are delivered *followed by* the new one that was created
during the down-time.

I looked through all the configuration options shown on the ActiveMQ web
site, but no configuration setting stood out as being a potential solution
to this problem.

Why would a new message brokered during the down-time prevent ActiveMQ from
honoring the recovery policy when it *does* honor the recovery policy when
there were no new brokered messages??


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