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From patsfan <>
Subject Poison Message not getting to DLQ without "assistance"
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 20:36:59 GMT

We have a simple test where we send a poison message into the queue and the
expected behavior of the message being moved to the DLQ is not observed. 
The message just sits in the original target queue.

The message is processed 5 times on the consumer side.  No RedeliveryPolicy
is set,  so the assumption is that the defaults are being used where the
maximumDeliveries is set to 6.  Given that we would expect that the message
would be processed 1 more time then we are seeing.

We then send in 10 "non poison" messages.  The "poison" message is
redelivered 2 more times and then finally flushed to the DLQ.  If you repeat
the above (send poison, send 10 non-poison) the same is observed.

Is this expected behavior?  Below is our Configuration.  From random
postings around this topic it seems like we have it right.  Perhaps our
expectation of the functionality is different then actual?

<bean id="internalJmsFactory"
	<property name="brokerURL"

	<bean id="pooledInternalJmsConnFactory"
		<property name="targetConnectionFactory" ref="internalJmsFactory"/>
		<property name="reconnectOnException" value="true"/>
		<property name="sessionCacheSize" value="10" />

<bean id="dmlc"
		<property name="connectionFactory" ref="pooledInternalJmsConnFactory"/>
		<property name="autoStartup" value="false" />  
		<property name="destination">
			<ref bean="executionQueue"/>
		<property name="concurrentConsumers"     value="2" />
		<property name="maxConcurrentConsumers" value="20"/>
		<property name="sessionTransacted" value="true" />
		<property name="cacheLevelName" value="CACHE_CONSUMER" />

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