could you open a jira issue to track this and attach the mat file?

On 18 July 2012 16:47, Mike Pilone <> wrote:

I'm seeing a slow memory leak in our broker process which appears to be related to temporary queues and JMX. We had major memory leak problems before, but the 5.6.0 release fixed the majority of them. This leak seems to take about 2 weeks to fill 512MB heap but ultimately it will bring down the JVM. The configuration is as such:


Java 6

ActiveMQ 5.6.0

Apache Camel 2.10.0

Network of brokers (2 nodes)


The process simply runs an embeded broker which other clients connect to via TCP. There are a couple static Camel routes, but nothing major in this process. Other clients (connected via TCP) make heavy use of Camel and temporary queues for request/reply messaging.


I'm still looking into the issue but I've attached a MAT memory analysis to see if anyone else has seen a related problem. It looks like the temporary queues are getting registered in JMX and never removed but I'm just guessing right now.


Any input would be appreciated and let me know if you want any more information from the memory dump/MAT analysis. I can post the entire dump file someplace if it would be helpful.




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