Perhaps getting at the prefetch buffer would prolly be better in that case. Would you have a pointer on how to access it?

Use case is a consumer that populates Active Directory and uses auto acknowledge. If the AD bit slows down for any reason the topic should fill up with messages and I need to provide a way for the support team to see if an account is in the 'queue', i.e. it's been sent to the broker but not been consumed yet. The query will be based on a userid which is contained in the message body. Of course I might have missed an entirely easier way of doing it. It's in conjunction with Camel routing so I could prolly do something with a Processor or fancy logging but for the most part the consumer rarely slows down and logging thousands of usernames seems a bit over the top on the off chance one might be queried.


mov eax,1
mov ebx,0
int 80h

>>> Gary Tully <> 18/07/12 3:05 PM >>>
you would be on the right track.
you will need to lock the pending cursor for the duration of the
iteration so that will be a little expensive.

the pending cursor only gets filled when the prefetch buffer is
filled, so you would need a low prefetch and a slow consumer if you
expect to find messages in there.
What is the use case here?

On 18 July 2012 14:46, Alistair Young <> wrote:
> would I be on the right path if I implemented it in TopicSubscriptionView
> and making use of PendingMessageCursor from TopicSubscription to get at the
> pending messages and their content and properties? Or is iterating
> PendingMessageCursor expensive?
> Alistair
> mov eax,1
> mov ebx,0
> int 80h
>>>> Gary Tully <> 18/07/12 1:16 PM >>>
> that feature does not exist, it would require some extension to
> On 18 July 2012 11:21, Alistair Young <> wrote:
>> Is there a way to find a particular message in a topic, either via a
>> header
>> name/value or based on message content? e.g. if I have a message I know
>> may
>> be in the topic and it has a message body that would match a particular
>> regex, or has a header name with a particular value, is it possible to
>> find
>> it and therefore verify it's in the topic, i.e. it's in the backlog
>> waiting
>> to be consumed?
>> thanks,
>> Alistair
>> mov eax,1
>> mov ebx,0
>> int 80h
> --