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From Gary Tully <>
Subject Re: Not seeing enabled advisories ActiveMQ WebConsole
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2012 15:26:08 GMT
think the key bit is to create the advisory topic consumers up front.
There no persistence on a topic unless there are durable subscribers,
so you need to be listening to the topic to get the advisory.

On 13 July 2012 16:03, JRR <> wrote:
> Hello Gary,
> How would I run the test you referenced? I use the CPP client not Java.
> (Actually I don't use Java at all... I start the broker using the
> bin/activemq script or the script our Java team gives the server team for
> starting the broker).
> I looked through the code and I see that one of the things it's looking for
> is a ResourceAllocationException  which my CPP client does indeed receive,
> but there is no fast consumer advisory or full advisory generated even
> thought the CPP client receives that exception.
> Also, in looking at the test it appears that the broker and the producer are
> created in the same from the same application. Which I believe means they
> run in the same JVM (I'm not a java person so I'm using words I'm not very
> familiar with here -- words I've heard our UI team use.) If this is true,
> it's different from my test that has the broker running in one JVM and an
> external producer client. Granted one would expect them to behave the same.
> Also, it appears that your doTestAdvisoryForFastProducer() is creating
> creating the two topics for fast producer and full advisory. Is it necessary
> for these topics to be created first? I ask because in my test I noticed
> that other advisory topics were created when the advisory was generated,
> regardless if there was a consumer created for the topic or not.
> I also noticed that you are sending persistent messages, while I am sending
> non-persistent messages. Does this make a difference?
> Thanks,
> -=John
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