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From Gary Tully <>
Subject Re: AMQ 5.6 breaks Stomp 1.0 clients, was: Re: 5.5 to 5.6 upgrade, stomp client suddenly gets "User name [ xyz] or password is invalid."
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2012 10:23:10 GMT
So the root problem is the php client having space between the ':'
header key value separator that used to be trimmed.

Seems like there is a need to make the 1.1 compliant behavior
introduced in
As in, have the option to force 1.0 (or existing amq) behavior when
the 1.1 version header is not present in a connect.
In fact, that seems like a sensible default.

On 23 July 2012 05:11, neek <> wrote:
> I see that one of the changes going into ActiveMQ 5.6 was Stomp 1.1 support:
> Could this have changed the Stomp protocol supported in ActiveMQ such that
> my Stomp 1.0 PHP client can no longer communicate with it?  This sounds like
> a regression, and so seems unlikely, however the specs at
> and
> clearly
> show a difference and ActiveMQ 5.6 seems to be breaking Stomp 1.0
> compatibility.
> This is supported by which
> clearly states that no whitespace (ws) should be trimmed from headers.  This
> makes an old Stomp 1.0 client completely incompatible with ActiveMQ and its
> Stomp 1.1 implementation.  It seems there's no version handshaking going on
> in the Stomp protocol, so old clients have no way of working against new
> servers because the server has no way of gracefully falling back to the old
> protocol.
> I did a bunch of painful debugging that I'll omit here as the situation
> seems clear.
> Where should we get a PHP Stomp 1.1 client from?  I don't see one bundled
> with ActiveMQ and the usual suspects (,
> don't offer any fresh leads.
> I see a comment on saying
> that the PHP client has been updated, but I don't see where to find this
> client.
> I'm falling back to ActiveMQ 5.5 for now.  A big red warning flag about
> breaking Stomp 1.0 compatibility would have been appreciated.  Perhaps there
> was one and I missed it?
> Nick
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